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We can supply the security code for most models of Vauxhall cars and vans. When ever you need to program / re-program a new or secondhand module or new ignition key to your vehicle you will need the Vauxhall security pass to your vehicle. This security pass should have come with your vehicle when you purchased it; unfortunately this is not always the case. You can of course order a new pass card from your local main dealer but this may take a few days and when it arrives it may not be correct!! Sometimes, due to the cost of new engine ecu's etc. your vehicle may have had a second hand unit fitted along with a complete key / lock set and immobiliser. If this is the case then the security code needed to re-program replacement keys or modules will be that of the donor vehicle. Therefore obtaining your Vauxhall security pass card from your main dealer would be pointless and a waste of your time and money.

Why use our service
Unlike your local Vauxhall dealer we read the security code / immo code directly from one of several modules within your vehicle. On some models this process can be carried out via the OBD port. On other models we may need to remove a module to read the code directly from it. Therefore the code that you receive from us will be correct. Also we can usually supply you with your immo code the same day so the down time of you vehicle is less. If you vehicle is disabled then you could remove the necessary module and bring it along to us, we can then read it and supply you with the code.

ECU Decoding - ECU Programming
We can decode / virginise most Vauxhall ECU's and modules including Dashboards, BCU (body control module), CIM module (column integrated module) rear central electrics module, rear fuse box, airbag modules etc. If we can't decode / virginise a particular module then we can usually clone the information from your old unit into a second hand unit saving you the expense of purchasing a new module.

Full Dealer Support
We have the very latest official GM Tech 2 / Global TIS diagnostic and programming facility which enables us to carry out full vauxhall diagnostics, fault finding, key programming and module programming including all security features.

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